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Finding Refuge

An Interview with Robert Mertens

I think that refuge is so important at this time for the world, it may be the most important thing; the most important thing for us personally, in our communities, and especially in Ukraine and Russia.

The people of Ukraine and Russia need urgently to be able to find refuge from the situation that they are caught up in.

The more of us that can go to a place of refuge, the sooner the world will become a better place to live in. Refuge is a place from which we can actually make good decisions about what we are going to do next.

From a place of refuge, we can forgive and accept each other back when we have been hurt.

When I look at this picture I can feel refuge. I hope you can too.

The form of the Angel is energy. You can see it swooping down from above and making contact with earthy colors at the bottom of the picture. Then the Angel swoops up again and you can see a picture of our world from space being embraced in the Angel's heart.

Just above the earth are two hands. These hands can be seen as offering up our world to our source, which is symbolized by the golden orb at the top.

Around the earth is a halo that shows that the earth is already receiving refuge. There is another orb, a tiny silver one, below the earth. This tiny silver orb can be seen as the moon.

In the middle of the picture you’ll see that there is a starry firmament which makes up the smaller body of the Angel. A subtle expression of the angel energy silhouettes the star-filled fields in blue, representing the whole universe.

Around the golden orb is a halo of stars which can be seen as the first creation preceding from our source. You can see on each side of the orb there are two starlight points of light above the angel. These can represent the Holy Trinity.

The gesture of the two hands is one of beseeching. It’s also saying “here’s the world, take it unto yourself”. The two hands were made from bird wings. When I made them I started with bird wings, then unintentionally they became hands. The palms are open which means they can both receive and give.

Love and Blessings from Robert Mertens and Alicia Lerrigo

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